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[15 Nov 2007|08:51pm]
god i am so hungry
i am going to make macaroni
i am so high

"god you sound like pawstuh"

i love paul baribeau

i miss alcohol hahaha.
mitchells birthday i think.

"you know how i know youre drunk?"
"you just touched my ass."
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[13 Nov 2007|05:50pm]
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dank da dank da dank dank smoke chronicCollapse )
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[12 Nov 2007|10:28am]
omg i want a puppy for christmas so bad :( haha i feel like a 5 year old.

friday night i hung outwith emma, rebecca and kristen. we smoked 12 bowls then fell asleep hahaha.
yesterday i went to hangout with kyle. he lives in gresham so it took me 2 hours to get there. once i got there my mom called and was like "YOU'RE IN TROUBLE COME HOME NOW" so i hung out with kyle for like 10 minutes then had to go home haha. another 2 hours on the bus.
then today im going to see lars and the real girl. yay.

pictures of friday later.

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[07 Nov 2007|10:59pm]
ahhaha wow i love david

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[07 Nov 2007|03:05pm]
last night i had a livejournal-inspired dream
i had a dream i was hanging out with anna, rachel and colleen. i really wanted pancakes (from reading marriahs journal, even though i fucking hate pancakes.) but i couldnt find any. then we decided to get pie from sharis but instead we went to safeway and got icecream
i dont remember anything after that

i havent done any school work really today and now i am going to hango ut with marriah in like 5 minutes haha. oh and im high. i suck haha.

i met some kid at safeway lats night while i was waiting for justin. he works there and hes like 17 ors omething. idk he was nice, apparently he recognized me. WHICH IS WEIRD, because the other night i was going home on the max and some kid was like "i recognize you, where do i know you?" and i recognized him from the powell house, cuz i guess i used to get fucked up with him, then i found out that it wasnt the kid i used to get fucked up with, it was his brother. his name is trevor, and the kid i met at safeway is named andrew. BUT ANDREWS LAST NAME IS JONES, which is weird because it makes me think of trevor jones.
its a sign.
maybe i should talk to trevor jones or somethign hhahahahahah.

WOOOOOO im high this probably makes no sense
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[06 Nov 2007|12:03pm]
god i have half a cigarette left and thats all i have until the end of the week. fuckkkk.

i've lost 6 lbs this week, i dont know how either. im not complaining though hahaa.

i stole an eigth of weed from my dad this morning so on friday im getting fucked up hahaha. stokedddd.

iduno. emi called me the other day and was like "so, i was just wondering, just cuz ive known him for so long, but how was it kissing mitch? was it hot?" and i was like wtf.
i guess mitchell told everyone we made out or some shit. whatever haha.

this is what i look like as of 5 days ago. cuz you totally care i know.
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[02 Nov 2007|12:28am]
last night was fun. went to rocky, molly and mia were there :)

today was cool i guess. anthony picked me up at like 3 and we drove to get david. we hung out at nathans house (zaks house..)
it gets weirder and weirder everytime i go there. this time stephen phelan was there.... hahahahaha

we got david and went to apeover music so anthony could buy a double bass pedal. david and i sat in the car and i smoked a bowl.
we got muchos and went downtown. i dont really remember what we did after that..
we went to andrews house after thattt and hung out there for a while. i made andrew make me food and then after a while we took andrew to work. then i went home and hung out for a while.
THEN i went and saw 30 days of night with my mom and bond. which was disgusting. i hate gore films.
i was like "wtf is the vampire tbagging that guy..." bond laughed but my mom is like "WHATS TBAGGING?!"

nowwwwww im home and uhh i should probably go to bed but im not gunna :)

pictures from last night!

kyle, molly, rockyyy, mia, me and justin being a psycho in the back.

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[31 Oct 2007|02:57pm]
last night was fun. marriah and i are paranoid hahah :)
and we ate soo much ice cream omg!

tonight im going to rocky, and if everything works out either travis or anthony are going to pick me up, then anthony, emi, travis, mitchell and i are going to go drink. woooo!
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[28 Oct 2007|09:27pm]
hahaha wow@today
sooo anthony left at like 1:20 today and i went up to safeway to get cigarettes from justin cuz last night i gave him all my weed hahaha. shit i was drunk:(
annyywwwaaayyyssss so on my way home from safeway mitchell calls me and is like "hey kate lets hangout" so mitchell picked me up at like 3 or something. it was just kinda weird because ive never hung out with mitch one-on-one but it was ok. so he got me and we drove back to his apartment and delp DEEEEELLLLLPPPPPP made us some drinks. he made us some screwdrivers (ew) and mitchell drank 2 glasses and got fucked. up. he was so gone within maybe 45 minutes. so delp went to go talk to his internet boyfriend HAHAHAHA and mitch and i were sitting on the couch drunk and smoking hookah watching UNDERCOVER BROTHER (which is the fucking funniest movie ever. oh my fucking god.)
soooo then we;re sitting there and mitch is like "i think you're really sexy and i really like you but im 19
"and i dont wanna tell you this when im drunk but i guess its too late"

and i was just like "uh......"
but inside i was laughing ahahah fuck im an asshole.
anyywayss so he was basically hitting on me the whole night. then at like 730 this girl mo came over and hung out with delp for a while. it wasnt awkward it was just kinda funny.
we got panda express that i didnt eat then mitchell was too drunk to drive me home so delp drove and we all just kinda sat in the car fucked off our asses.

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[28 Oct 2007|02:50pm]
haha last night was fun. anthony and i ended up stealing a lot of alcohol. i drank 4 glasses of jungle juice, 2 smirnoffs (ew), 2 beers and like 4 shots of whiskey. i was pretty drunk.
we also stole a liter or wine from the spacebag ahahahaha. fucking shit.
now im going to hang out with mitchell AHHAHAHAH. he is coming to get me. IM GOING TO GET DELPED.
hopefully jaegon is there. i think i finally spelled his name right. hahahaahahahhaha.
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[25 Oct 2007|03:08pm]
bahhh last night i hung out with marriah and leanna. got drunk. went to some dreamers thing. stole wine+ a pumpkin. haha.

mitchell called me at like midnight and was like IM DRUNK YOU'RE HOT LETS HANGOUT. haha and i talked to delp :|

im really sick and it sucks!
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[22 Oct 2007|10:24pm]
agh i almost got molested/raped/killed/stabbed/abducted/mutilated/dead-ified today!!

i went to hang out with alex and cristian and carve pumpkins or wahtever at OM, and that was fun and everything haha, kinda awkward because all the teachers were like OMG K8 ILU IMU but yeah. so after we did that we were like huh lets go hang out. so we went to wendys which was gross then we went to fred meyer? we just hung out outside for a while. after like 10 minutes some guy came up to us, and he had this big dog and he was like "awh look oliver a friend!" and his dog came up to me and started licking me and shit so im just petting the dog trying to be nice, then the guy hands me the dogs leash and whips out a camera and starts fucking taking pictures of me, and im like "uh what are you doing?" so he gave me this sob story about how his dog is "dying" and how he wants to get as many pictures of him as possible before he goes or some shit, but when cristian was like 10 feet away petting the dog this creep was still taking pictures of me, and alex was just kinda standing there like what the hell... then the guy was like "you know, if you wanted, you could give me your address and i could send you these pictures" and i was like WTF IS WRONG WITH YOU then cristian was like "hey can i get a picture of you and your dog for a project im doing in school?" so he got a picture of this fuck and his dog and afterwards cristian was like "ill send the picture to you so you can look him up on the registered sex offenders site" ahhahah so i have his picture and im totally looking him up cuz he creeped me out :(

im all freaking out in the back ahhaha


he lives like.. not even 5 blocks away from me either. i searched him by description.

Address: 9505 N KALMAR ST
Height: 510
Weight: 190
Hair: Gray or Partially Gray
Eyes: Blue
Age: 56
DOB: 04/14/1951
Race: W
Sex: M

Charges: Conviction Date Offense Name
02/08/1994 SEX ABUSE 1-FEL
02/08/1994 SEX ABUSE 1-FEL
02/08/1994 SEX ABUSE 1-FEL

Targets: Minor females.

Methods of Offending: Opportunist. Places himself in situations where he is alone with minor females. Manipulates his victims into performing sexual acts on him.

Conditions & Restrictions: No contact with minors; male or female. No direct or indirect contact with victim. Shall not establish any relationships with parent(s) of minor children. Shall not frequent any places that minors congregate. Must submit to random polygraph examination. Must enter and successfully complete a sex offender program. Shall not possesss any pornographic materials. Shall not possess or use any intoxicating beverages.

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[21 Oct 2007|02:27pm]
finally i have a life again.
anthonys coming over and im going to make him drive me to my dads house to get my school books. i wanted to go to down to nothing tonight too but anthonys going to be busy getting wasted with mitchell. bleh.
thennnn tomorrow i'm meeting up with alex bella and cristian at their school and we're going to go carve pumpkins at our old school haha. that should be interesting.
then uh i guess i'm bussing it down to jantzen beach to meet up with my aunt. we're going to have dinner then go to scream at the beach. then my dads picking me up from there. woo.
then uh the 27th anthonys coming over for my moms party. we're probably just going to drink a lot and pass out but whatever.
then on halloween im going to see rocky v but i still have nobody to go with haha. maybe ill meet a hot hipster lolzz. not.
anddd MUNICIPAL FUCKING WASTE on november 27th. oh my god im so excited. its like 40 bucks though.

someone hang out with me this friday :)

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[20 Oct 2007|03:05pm]
my moms having her crazy halloween party on the 27th. a lot lot lot of alcohol. yay.

i'm going to rocky votoalto by myself on halloween : /
oh wellll.

what is everyone doing for halloween?

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[18 Oct 2007|11:17am]
yesterday/last night wow
my mom is fucking weird

soo she called me up the other morning and is like "you know how bond and i are supposed to see the pogues in seattle? well bond has a midterm test the next morning and cant go, so i was wondering if you wanted to come with me" and i wasl ike yeah sure whatever you know a chance to get out of the house haha
so yesterday my mom picked me up at like 6 and we drove to woodland where we stopped to get coffee. so im sitting in the car and my mom comes back in with not just coffee, but 2 pints of pbr for me? and im like uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh are you serious? and shes like shut up and take it so im like uh sweet i guess. then she hands me a CIGAR and im like 'WHO EVEN ARE YOU' omg it was so weird...
the pogues were good i guess. idk.
uhhhh yeah so we spent the night at bonds moms house which was weird but its all good. then we ate at sharis. woo.
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[17 Oct 2007|05:32pm]
im going to seattle in like....10 minutes

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[15 Oct 2007|11:11pm]
lyfe sux do drugz
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[14 Oct 2007|08:45pm]
my moms a psycho

"get on the back of his bike"
"do it or ill ground you"

"let me paint your nails"
"let me or ill ground you"

"watch this movie with me"
"because if you dont ill ground you"

shes been doing this all day!
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[13 Oct 2007|09:19pm]
last night was really gay to say the least

3 and a half hours and a broken car just to get a dub.
not worth it.

we didnt end up going to scream at the beach but hanging out with rebecca and kristen was fun anyway. we only smoked like 2 bowls so i have a little more than a 10 sack left. i dont wanna smoke it by myself though.

im ungrounded
make plans with me!

i have gone back to not feeling anything anymore (finally jesus) soo im no longer lonely/depressed/retarded
but i am tired 2/47 i think i have a sinus infection
but hanging out with kristen and rebecca really made me think about how i dont get along with anthony or david or emi like real friends should
idk its like im not comfortable around those people i feel like im just some girl they hang out with when theyre really bored or if they want money or something
not like i give them money just because but they can get it from me if they really want
idk i just like hanging out with my older friends better because im so comfortable around them. i can say shit and they laugh and understand it but with anthony david or emi theyre just like "youre retarded" and thats why i dont talk around them
i dont know what to do haha just tell them "hey i dont like hanging out with you" wtf
it also just sucks because those are the only people i ever hang out with anyway even though i dont like it

fuck my lifeeeeee
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[11 Oct 2007|09:05pm]
i dont even know if i remember how to make an lj cutCollapse )
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